About Us

About Us

Experts in software for Real-Time Control and Simulation with a focus on Electric Power.

PowerData continues to innovate by pioneering new technologies in real-time relational databases, integration, web-frameworks and event driven systems. In addition we contribute open source frameworks and applications to help advance smart grid and security solutions for the electric power industry.

Our flagship product PowerSimulator is used for training and certification by most of the Power Dispatchers in the United States as well many others internationally such as Brazil, Ireland, Iraq and New Zealand. It provides a complete simulation of a power system model and can be loaded with models from anywhere in the world. It runs on a private server or on the Cloud with worldwide access.

Our development infrastructure known as PACE (Power Application Computing Environment) provides a nearly complete EMS (Energy Management System) environment for integrating home grown and third party applications into powerful end-user solutions.

Founded in 1990, PowerData has remained a small, technology focused company.