PowerData has worked in a close partnership with IncSys since 1995, with the objective of making operator training simulators easier to use and more affordable for utilities of all sizes.

SOS Intl

PowerData, SOS Intl and IncSys formed a partnership in 2004 to develop Emergency Operations with PowerSimulator (EOPS). EOPS is 60 hours of online self-paced training with a combination of online tutorials and simulator based exercises. EOPS provides NERC CE and Simulator Emergency Operations (EO) training.


EPRI creates science and technology solutions for the global energy and energy services industry. U.S. electric utilities established the Electric Power Research Institute in 1973 as a nonprofit research consortium for the benefit of utility members, their customers, and society. Now known simply as EPRI, the company provides a wide range of innovative products and services to more than 1000 energy-related organizations in 40 countries. EPRI’s multidisciplinary team of scientists and engineers draws on a worldwide network of technical and business expertise to help solve today’s toughest energy and deveopment obstacles.

Developed in the 1970’s, the EPRI OTS is the engine which drives PowerSimulator, as well as the many of the largest control rooms around the world.


PowerData and IncSys, developed the software interfaces to integrate the SAGE Energy Management System (EMS) with PowerSimulator and the EPRI Operator Training Simulator (OTS). The SAGE EMS is interfaced to PowerSimulator instead of interfacing to Remote Terminal Units and data concentrators. PowerSimulator runs a simulation of the entire network and generates a new set of analog and status points every few seconds. PowerSimulator with EPRI OTS has now been commissioned to train operators in the following control centers: ONS National Control Center in Brazilia, ONS Southeast Regional Control Center in Rio de Janeiro, CHESF Transmission Company Control Center in Recife, CTEEP Transmission Company Control Center in Sao Paulo.